IoT System Solutions

Services for fixing, improving, designing and developing IoT automation systems. Send data values ​​from all types of sensors to the Internet for display in online real-time, along with storing the values ​​in a database for retrieval or making historical reports.

Temperature Humidity Lighting Monitoring

With our smart simple IoT device. You can detect, monitoring and control climate in your area as automatic system.

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Power Energy Usage Monitoring 

Tracking all any electricity usage devices as real-time. Monitoring and alert in abnormal event directly to your phone as prompt.

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Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Live Tracking, Alerts and Reports the location or any custom parameters of your movement asset as On-line real-time.

Our Main Services

Engineering Services

Support you all solutions in the engineering products and services. Implement, repair and maintenance for your business or project

Website Maintenance

Register, transfer, renew your Domain name. Building new, update or upgrade your website with our hosting or self-hosted servers.

Business Solutions

Transform your business process to online digital. Save time and reducing cost but improve the efficiency in your organization.

Digital Marketing Services

+20Years EXP in Online Solutions

Set up, Monitor, Optimize All Social and Search Engine Ads Platforms. Let you gain High efficiency search result to get leads with Good value for money 

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